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Designer of bold
with a Neo-Modernist approach

Hey there!

I study multiple design disciplines in Münster, Germany. Most of my projects focus on branding, in particular bold, impactful trademarks. Also I enjoy working for manufacturing businesses and the cultural industry.

*Yes the sunglasses are photoshopped* 😎

I’m Anton, a passionate freelance designer and Junior Art Director froM Planet Earth

Selected projects

Swiss alps travel guide
Animal Society Rebrand
FRAEK 02 - The Future Issue
Playground music festival

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Why you should consider working on

a strong brand strategy

Ask yourself,
has your business reached the state         — of a unique brand?

             That is ... Do your costumers get submerged in an experience every time they interact with your brand? Do they feel connected on a personal level to what you do? Is there a vibe or culture around your business? Do you have a story that your costumers can relate to? These things are essential for what makes a brand great.
Your are not sure whether your brand is strong enough or if there is more you could do to boost it? Hit me up with your question!
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Brand Credibility

Building trust and credibility is achieved by being transparent and making sure to communicate the company's or product's promise. This directly influences your customers in their decision to follow your brand.


Brand Recognition

People prefer to buy new products from brands they are familiar and comfortable with. Brand awareness can expand your audience, increase website traffic, build brand affinity, and cultivate leads. It is especially important when launching new products and services.


Brand Positioning

Every business has a brand, but is it by default or by design? Knowing what makes your business unique is crucial to capturing the attention of your desired audience. It also explains to them why you are the best company and helps you justify your pricing strategy.


Costumer Loyalty

It is the natural effect of a continuously positive personal emotional experience, satisfaction with your products, and the perceived value of a strong brand. Loyal customers generally spend more money on your service or product.


Conquer Market Segments

By developing the appropriate brand strategy, deliver whatever it is you promise and communicate your values, you will naturally conquer a niche or market for the desired target audience.


Longterm Savings

Brand Strategy is all about focus. If you concentrate your money and hours spent on the right idea it will magnify the output of your resources and decrease the cost of continous marketing and advertisement.