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Swiss Alps Guide
The Alps are a mountain range across France, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Italy, Austria and Slovenia. The Swiss Alps are often characterized as the most spectacular part of the Alps. It's almost needless to say that the Alps are what Switzerland is famous for. They cover about 60% of the country. The Swiss Alps attract lots of tourists. Mountaineers climb the Swiss peaks since the early 19th century, and they still do. Nowadays, most tourists do not visit Switzerland for climbing. They enjoy the amazing scenery by hiking, scenic trips, winter sports and sightseeing.
This project is a work in progress. Content will be added soon!
This project is a work in progress. Content will be added soon!
Covid made travel a lot more difficult. Many people spend their time home and are desperate to final see some distant country. I tried to image a concept for what an online swiss alps guide would look like. I designed a website which interested tourists can find information and insightfull travel tips on.

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